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    Dongguan Hanxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Miss Zeng
    Tel: +86 0769-81662951
    Fax:+86 0769-81662867
    Phone:+86 13997600858

    Address: No. 238, Lihe Rd, Xiangshan Industrial City, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China


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    AIM- Taiwan Xin Hong Enterprise Limited (Dongguan city HANGXIANG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd) is a professional Taiwan is committed to providing full solution for the coordinates of the manipulator in the field of industrial automation, mechanical arm coordinate in development, has been in a leading position, Taiwan is the first brand in China established manufacturing plants. The company's products include linear motors, precision positioning slide, electric cylinder, module, cross steering, hollow rotating platform, reducer and other high-precision transmission components of professional manufacturers. The company set the development, production of high-tech research and development, design and manufacture of mechanical hand platform in one assembly manufacturing enterprises, for the construction of high quality, quick response products and technical services, convenient delivery and customer service service meet the needs to improve the Chinese since 2009 since the establishment of the company, has in Suzhou, Ji'nan, set up a branch, and in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenyang offices.

    • 2005, Xin Hong Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Headquarters) established in Taiwan Kaohsiung.

    • 2009, Dongguan Han Xiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (assembly plant) was established in china.

    • 2013, Suzhou branch was established in Suzhou, responsible for the development and management of East China and North china.

    AIM product specifications, the whole series, in the continuous introduction of new products, AIM we pay more attention to the customer's technology and product services. If you have any problems in the development, design, selection and use of products, welcome you to contact us in time. Our professional staff will reply and solve your problem in the first time. AIM will continue to innovate, more focused on linear transmission technology and product development, to provide you with more professional, sophisticated and reliable products and technologies, and you work together to create the future of China's industrial automation.

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