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    The basic three elements of electric slide

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    The basic three elements of electric slide

    Release date:2016-12-09 Author: Click:

    The basic three elements of the electric slide: load, precision, speed

    The load of the electric slide: the load is one of the main elements that mainly affect the accuracy and speed of the electric slide. To understand the electric slide in the production equipment in the practical application of the general first consider its load.

    The accuracy of electric slide: different industries on the electric slide precision requirements are different, so there is no specific requirements for the accuracy of electric slide, according to large-scale machine tools, and small and medium-sized machine tools to the accuracy of classification. Large machine tools in the general accuracy of 1 m 1 wire up and down. Small and medium-sized machine tools on the accuracy requirements are generally higher than 0.1mm, Jiong electric slide screw series precision in 0.02mm.

    The speed of the electric slide: the speed of the electric slide is generally less than the theoretical value, because its speed is mainly affected by the load on the electric slide, and if the production process only the most speed, accuracy will be affected and decreased 

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