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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of PLC control robot and dedicated multi-axis controller?

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of PLC control robot and dedicated multi-axis controller?

    Release date:2016-12-08 Author: Click:

    First: simple PLC architecture is cheap and stable, and the application of the technical threshold is low! This is the most important, so now many devices are used to achieve a simple PLC;

    Second: many of the controller are PC-Based architecture, this way can do more complex trajectory, such as multi-axis linear, multi-axis arc check. Software is also more flexible, and now most of the CNC equipment are used in this architecture;

    Third: high-end PLC motion control system, such as Siemens, AB, etc., they are very perfect sports control systems, such as the paper industry, etc., on the same or spindle to follow a very strict place.

     PLC control than the microcontroller is simple; and the realization of the function more comprehensive and stable.

     PLC is a finished product, which is the core chip is a single chip, but this chip is specifically for the field of industrial control, the chip internal resource allocation emphasis on control, anti-interference ability than the microcontroller to be strong, the general brand of PLC are dedicated Of the chip, there are some no-name PLC is made with your microcontroller produced.

     Single-chip microcomputer (single-chip Microcomputer), also known as micro-controller (Microcontroller), is the central processor, memory, timer / counter (Timer / Counter), a variety of input and output interfaces are integrated A microcomputer on an integrated circuit chip. Compared with the general-purpose microprocessor used in personal computers, it emphasizes self-supply (no external hardware) and cost savings. Its biggest advantage is the small size, can be placed inside the instrument, but the storage capacity is small, input and output interface is simple, low function. Because of its very rapid development, the definition of the old microcontroller has been unable to meet, so in many applications known as a wider range of microcontrollers; single-chip microcomputer is often used as a controller, China still use the "single-chip" call.

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