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    Ball screw "AIM - drive world" key mechanical parts

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    Ball screw "AIM - drive world" key mechanical parts

    Release date:2016-07-13 Author: Click:

    Modern people are often amazed and curious about the ancient works of those large projects, such as the pyramid, the Great Wall is how to build, there is no large-scale industrial tools, those huge stones is how to transport it?

    Transport huge heavy stones, really like the figure, need a lot of people. However, the ancient people are more intelligent than the modern painters, and they knew that it was very much more important to drag the pillow under the stones than to drag directly on the ground.

    Ball screw (Ballscrew), also known as ball screw, lead screw, ball screw, screw, ball screw, ball spline. The The Is the most commonly used transmission machinery components for lathes and precision machinery.


    People use the screw to do the history of the drive is not long. In 1898, people first try to add the ball between the nut and the screw, the traditional screw sliding contact, into a rolling contact; to replace the sliding friction sliding friction, the nut within the rotation of the ball, to linear motion, The torque will be converted into axial repeated force, in order to improve the traditional screw positioning and easy to damage the situation.

    1940 ball screw was applied to the car steering device, bringing its application of the great revolution, from the gradual replacement of the traditional Ai Kemu screw ball screw structure (ACME). This little invention, brought great progress in transmission technolog


    As a result of the linear motion and circular motion in the conversion, and have good friction, high transmission efficiency, high positioning accuracy, drive reversible, long life, low pollution, good synchronization characteristics, the ball screw has become the industry , Especially the precision technology industry, as well as precision machinery industry positioning and measurement system on one of the most widely used important components.

    Ball screws are widely used in industrial machinery positioning accuracy control, such as precision machine tools (Precision machine tools), industrial machinery (industrial machinery), electronic machinery (Electronic machinery), transport machinery (Transport machinery). Specifically, in a variety of machine tools, robots, welding machines, measuring instruments, computer disk drive starter drive, aircraft wing movements adjustment, propeller tilt angle control, medical X-ray fluoroscopy photography device. The The And so on precision equipment, are looking for ball screw.

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